What does inflation actually feel like?

26th October 2023 | By Joel Landon

Inflation is a word that frequently dominates economic discussions, accompanied by charts and statistics. But what do those numbers truly mean for the average American family in 2023? How do they translate into the daily grind, and what can we do about it? Let’s dive into the current issue and unveil the tangible impact of inflation on US families.

The incredible amount of opinions and data offered by a variety of outlets provide some insight into the problem. However, the reality of inflation can only be felt and understood by those experiencing it first-hand.

I wanted to share a first-hand experience that relates to the reality my family is experiencing because of inflation. My wife recently went back to work after our 4th daughter started kindergarten. When she started, she talked about all of the hard work she experienced day in and day out. You could really hear her talk through the challenges, success stories, patient experiences, and so forth. My wife really put her heart into this work and felt good about it at the end of each day.

On payday, she received her first paycheck. She obviously knew how much she was making per hour but when she laid eyes on her check, she couldn’t believe the reality of it. She couldn’t believe she put in all of that hard work and that the amount she received wasn’t going to provide the purchasing power she hoped for.

It didn’t matter so much what the amount was but rather she realized how little that money was going to provide. She realized her time spent elsewhere was much greater than her time being spent in exchange for money.

Income vs. Inflation: The Growing Disparity

Inflation has created a widening chasm between income levels and the cost of living. As inflation rates continue to soar, wages and salaries often remain static. This divergence leaves countless American families wrestling with financial difficulties.

In essence, for a substantial portion of our population, working harder and longer hours no longer suffices to keep pace with the mounting expenses of housing, healthcare, education, and other necessities. This may seem like an intimidating scenario, but it’s crucial to recognize that you’re not alone if you’re experiencing this financial pressure.

Preparation and Optimism Amidst Inflation

There are strategic measures to prepare for and navigate the ongoing inflation wave. Here are some approaches to help you not only cope but thrive in the face of rising prices:

    1. Foster a Robust Support Network: Engage with your local community and neighbors. Share resources, advice, and emotional support. During difficult times, a resilient community can be your lifeline.

    2. Cultivate Personal Connections: Strengthen your social bonds. Lean on your friends and family for emotional reinforcement and explore ways to collaborate on saving and investing money and resources.

    3. Embrace Self-Reliance: Develop skills that reduce your dependence on costly services. Whether it’s honing your culinary skills for more home-cooked meals or learning how to tackle minor household repairs, self-reliance can cut your expenses. Even gardening or living a subsistence lifestyle can drastically reduce cost. It will also leave you less dependent on the things you can’t control.

    4. Take Charge of Your Finances Today: Develop a budget, establish an emergency fund, and consider investments that can help your money grow at a rate exceeding inflation. Financial literacy and prudent financial management are invaluable tools in your toolkit. eQRP built MAP for this purpose. Taking charge of your financial goals is possible and not as hard as you think. Especially when you have someone in your corner to support you.

In conclusion, while inflation poses a formidable challenge for many American families in 2023, there are strategies to navigate these testing times. It’s crucial to acknowledge that the struggle extends beyond numerical data and graphs—it affects the daily lives of people. By building a support network, nurturing personal connections, embracing self-reliance, and managing your finances proactively, there’s hope to be found amid financial difficulties.

Inflation may be a storm we’re currently weathering, but remember, every storm eventually passes. Together, as a community and as individuals, we can brave this economic tempest and emerge stronger on the other side.

Written by

Joel Landon