Why Gold?

19th January 2024 | By Taylor Huff

You need gold because you need insurance.

You also need gold because history tells you that you will profit.

How awesome would it be if you could profit off the homeowners and medical insurance that you pay every month?

Gold operates like insurance for your wealth with two additional benefits – you only have to pay the premium once AND you’ll profit on the other side.

Why do you need this insurance?

Because of debt.

The US is currently at $34 Trillion worth of federal debt. And that’s on the back end of the fastest interest-rate hiking cycles ever.

The interest payments are exceeding $1 trillion per year—more than we spend on our military.

The logical step people would take if this was their own personal budget would be to stop piling on debt or else go bankrupt and begin defaulting on the debt payments that they owe.

The government is facing that same scenario. Except for one thing.

They have the power to devalue the currency we use, the US Dollar. You can’t control it. Countries and empires have been doing it for centuries. When this happens, those with the insurance are safeguarded and those without it get crushed.

This is how they steal your wealth and prosperity without directly increasing your taxes or confiscating your cash.

So, unless you believe our government will have a revelation and turn from their greedy, overspending ways, you need insurance on the wealth you’re building, lest it get silently stolen from you.

Gold is this insurance.

Written by

Taylor Huff