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Retirement is Over-Rated:

Meet the eQRP®

The Fastest Way to Earn More Than Traditional 401(k)s or Self-Directed IRAs!

Finally, a 401 (k) system that offers complete flexibility, control, and protection of your investments.

Here is what you get when you roll over your 401(k), IRA, SDIRA, 403b, 457, TSP, and Solo 401(k)s to an eQRP® account.

  • Freedom for you and your employees to choose your investments
  • Invest in real assets, such as cryptocurrency, real estate, and physical gold and silver
  • Save on taxes and defer up to $67,500 in income or up to $135,000 as a couple
Are you an individual with a 401 (k)?
Are you a business with a 401 (k)?
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What is an eQRP®?

eQRP® stands for Enhanced Qualified Retirement Plan.

It’s unlike any other retirement account out there because you have the freedom to choose your investments. You’re not stuck with stocks, mutual funds, or somebody’s advice you don’t like.

No other 401(k) retirement plan gives individuals, employers, or employees this much control over the investments in their retirement accounts.

The bottom line is that you’ll love the freedom of choice with an eQRP®.

eQRP Book

Hi, I’m Damion Lupo

of the Financial Underdogs Podcast

When my dad was going through the last years of his life, he had some amazing ideas about things he wanted to do.

And about 6 weeks before he died, he looked at me with so much sadness and regret and said; “you know son, there were so many things that I wanted to do that I never did”…

You know why he didn’t get to do them?

I’ll tell you— It was because he didn’t have the resources to get them done.

Here was a man who religiously contributed to his traditional retirement account.

That broke me, and ignited within me a burning desire to help people truly achieve financial freedom and security.

As you’d expect, I started with retirement and soon realized something is broken in the traditional retirement plans. Among the issues was that there wasn’t an investment option that would allow people to invest in real assets and earn real returns. It’s why I created the eQRP®. A retirement plan that beats Wall Streets’ rigged game and satisfies the IRS’s retirement rules.

Today, I’ve earned a place as one of the most respected experts on creating change and financial freedom. I feel fulfilled when thousands of people, and leading brands come to me for guidance on how to break free from financial bondage and secure their financial future…

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Who Qualifies For an Enhanced Qualified Retirement Plane?

You qualify for the eQRP® if you have an investment business, work for yourself, or have part-time income or activity that could produce income, you are eligible for the Safe Harbor eQRP. The number of employees, irrelevant.

Sole Proprietorships
Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)
Not for Profit 501(c)(3)

Take Control of Your Future

Use your eQRP® to transform your life.

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“I have saved a tremendous amount in taxes. The company offers white glove treatment to the people that are eQRP members.”

Bill Coppedge

eQRP® is Fueled By Your Stories

Our community runs on voices like yours. It keeps us going, and keeps us grounded.

Learn how eQRP® impacted people in our community.


Case Studies of Success

Member Stories

It’s easy because we set up everything for you.

“I love eQRP because it keeps us from paying UBIT tax and is the Ferrari of retirement accounts.”

Bronson Hill

“When you get into the eQRP program you get ownership on how you direct your funds.

Brett Binkley

“I have saved a tremendous amount in taxes. The company offers white glove treatment to the people that are eQRP members.”

Bill Coppedge

“When you’re told to put money into your 401(k) you gain capital and realize your money is locked up. With an eQRP, I can invest my money the way I want to invest it. I love the education the team has provided to help me understand the options on how to access a W-2 job capital and my big pool of money.”

Ben Dickey

“What I love about the eQRP team and Honey Badger Tribe is that when I hand them a client I fully trust they are taken care of for a lifetime.”

Dave Zook

“We had a traditional 401(k), and we wanted to unlock our money and buy real assets, and the eQRP allowed us to do that. The eQRP team helps educate us and the process is so easy. There are a lot of other types of asset classes like gold and silver, crypto, syndication, adn more you can invest in with an eQRP.”

Jason Dehlin

“I love eQRP team customer service. I’m never waiting on hold, and they always call me back. eQRP is not afraid to give advice and help guide me in the right direction.”

Jon Yost

“I read the QRP book and gave this book to my clients. Because I’m an asset and protection trust lawyer, the whole lawsuit-proof aspect is incredible. eQRP offers lawsuit asset protection.”

Kevin Day

“Far beyond retirement, the Badger Tribe (eQRP Member’s Exclusive Community) focuses on your entire life and education and cares about your surroundings.”

Kevin Malmgren