Instant answers to your eQRP® questions

What is an eQRP®?

It is a truly self-directed 401k plan that gives you total control over your retirement to invest in alternative assets with more variety and certainty than any other traditional platform in the market. 

What can I invest in?

You can use your eQRP® to invest in real estate, real gold, cryptocurrency, and so much more! 

Can I roll over my existing 401(K) or IRA?

Yes! You may roll over most IRA, SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA (after 2 years), 457(b), 403(b), Profit Sharing, and other Solo 401(k)s into your eQRP®.

What is the difference between a solo 401k and an eQRP®?

As all cars may take you from A to B, not all cars are built the same. The eQRP® resides in section 401 of the IRS, but its different elements make its engine superior. You can have total control of your retirement, protection from lawsuits and hire employees at any time with an eQRP® – none of which is available with a solo plan. Plus you get a first-class team working for you to give you the support, education, and confidence you need to execute your retirement strategy. 

Can I purchase Crypto with my eQRP®?

You can! Our team will walk you through the process on how you can acquire crypto with your eQRP® and let you ride one of the most exciting alternative asset classes around!

How long does it take to set up an eQRP®?

It typically takes us 10 business days to retrieve your money from Wall St. That is if they don’t give us any trouble trying to give you back your money.

What is my liability as a business owner to invest alternatively when I have employees?

The same risk you have with a traditional 401k plan. We help customers build a plan that suits the needs of your employees and for yourself with minimum liability.

Can I set up a plan for the previous calendar year?

Yes, you can!

Does the UBIT tax apply to this plan?

Only if you invest in an active business such as manufacturing plants, car washes, etc, the cashflow applies towards UBIT, but not the sale of the business.

Who is responsible for the reporting of my eQRP®?

Our team handles all 1099-R and 5500 Forms for you and your business.

I’m a real estate investor. Will I get hit with UBIT when I sell property like I did with my IRA?

No, the eQRP® is exempt from UBIT generated by Unrelated Debt Financed Income (UDFI)