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“My mission is to inspire a transparent conversation around money and investing for your retirement. Together my team and I are building a community of self-reliant, self-responsible people dedicated to financial freedom.”

Damion Lupo

If you’re struggling to find
financial freedom and don’t
know where to start…

I’ve been there, and you’re in the right place.

My financial journey began at age 15

Working every ugly job imaginable in the heart of Alaska, including the craziest one, at a camp in the oil field while dodging polar bears. Since I was working, I thought I had the money game all figured out like all of us. If I hustled and worked my butt off, I would be financially free in 20 years. Boy, I was wrong. I was tired and frustrated, but at least I didn’t get eaten.

Thinking an education would change things

I tried it but got kicked out of college for starting a bookstore on campus that put the campus store out of business with better pricing. I remember reading one of my favorite books back then, a quote by Zig Zigler:

“You can have anything you want if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Great idea, but I needed to figure out where to start

Then I saw an infomercial at 2 AM and discovered real estate investing. Within 5 years, I had a portfolio of 150 houses worth $20 million.

Fast forward to one of the most serious financial crisis since the great depression; welcome to 2007-2008. I went from a hotshot multimillionaire with a Ferrari and a $20 million portfolio to having a net worth of negative 5 million, living out of my car, and I was afraid.

In 2010 I watched my father retire from 30 years in the military, having played by the rules he retired broke and afraid. Why? The system had failed him, which was the start of my obsession with finding a solution for us all.

My turning point was…

When I started to read about tax codes and discovered a secret option Congress created in 1973. This was when I brought the eQRP® to life. I made a tax-sheltered retirement strategy that blew up the limited choices of Wall Street and its greedy advisors and put you in charge, the investor.

In 2013, shortly after the eQRP® launched and the first edition of the QRP book came out, my father called on Thanksgiving day and told me he had stage 4 cancer. This moment changed my life. His time was up, and he was about to say goodbye…full of regret, never having lived life the way he wanted but always fearing not having enough money.

But isn’t life about more than money? Yes, but if you don’t have money, you will constantly gasp for air and fear you don’t have enough.

I’m here to tell you that there’s an unlimited amount of money in the world

And I want everyone to know the power of an eQRP® and how it offers you the best tool for a secure financial future.

I’m here to tell you that there’s an unlimited amount of money in the world, and I want everyone to know the power of an eQRP and how it offers you the best tool for a secure financial future.

I’ve made money in real estate, insurance, venture capital, and precious metals. I’ve written 12 books about financial wealth and have been on over 1,230 + podcasts and financial shows over the last 10 years. Why am I sharing this? So you know I’ve been out there in the wild doing the thing, and these ideas come from real-world doing.

Now it’s your turn.

I can’t make your financial problems disappear; but I can provide you with the tools to overcome them.

I can’t make your financial problems disappear…

But I can give you the tools to overcome them

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eQRP® is more than a company. It’s a tribe. We’re maniacally focused on a vision to break your financial shackles together, fighting as economic underdogs. We’re no longer stuck with the limited offerings from the Wall Street cronies who are only interested in your money and their commissions.

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