The Opportunity To Retire Early in Financial abundance.

You see, in a bid to further ensure that eQRP members have access to every tool needed to achieve financial freedom –

Vitruvian Ventures and My Gold Advisor
companies were founded.

With exclusive investment opportunities and expert financial guidance,
these 2 sister companies are leading the charge in the fight for financial
freedom, and providing individuals with the tools they need to take
control of their financial future.

These companies which have become essential resources for eQRP
members and the public alike are not just about making money, they
are about inspiring you to live the life you deserve, pursue your
passions, and build a brighter future for yourself and your family.


Vitruvian Ventures

Vitruvian Ventures is a boutique investment company offering early access to institutional-top tier investments.

Carefully selected, and vetted by David Morris and Damion Lupo: 2 experts in real estate development, real estate management, business startups, institutional finance/investing, and building teams of paradigm-shifting companies.

Investment options include, but not limited to: Land Development, Technology Driven Manufacturing, Precious Metals, Crypto, Self-Storage, and Enterprise Software.

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My Gold Advisor 

We’ve helped hundreds of novice and experienced investors diversify and safeguard their wealth against; inflation, economic uncertainty, political manipulations, geopolitical tensions, and stock market crashes.

Through precious metals investing.

My Gold Advisor is renowned for providing a distinctive experience in your journey to protect your wealth through precious metal investments.
We offer competitive pricing for both wholesale physical gold and silver investing. Enhance your eQRP Membership with tangible assets that protect your purchasing power.

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