What is an Individual
eQRP® Account?

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The Personal eQRP® or Single Participant plan offers more choice and complete control
over your 401(k) and IRA accounts. You can avoid taxes and diversify your portfolio outside of Wall Street.

How an eQRP® Works for Individuals?

An eQRP® is the only 401(k) in the USA that provides these unique advantages. It helps you multiply your wealth while offering tax-free growth and tax savings compared to Self-Directed IRAs. It provides unique creditor protection in the event of lawsuits not available to SDIRAs or Solo 401(k) plans.

eQRP® Plans Offer

You can consolidate almost all your retirement accounts, including your spouse’s, into one efficiently managed eQRP® account. The transfer of all the funds is tax-free and penalty-free.

A broader range of tax-free investments

eQRP® gives you the freedom to invest in real estate, precious metals, private equity, and cryptocurrencies, plus paper like stocks and mutual funds.

No more third-party custodians

With eQRP®, you are the trustee. You don’t need third-party approval to make investment choices, nor do you need to pay the fees associated with conventional qualified plans.

Full access to your money

You can immediately borrow up to $50,000 (or 50% of your account, whichever is less) and have the interest you pay go directly back into your account, compounding over time, all yours.

Tax and penalty-free rollovers

You can transfer almost any assets from your 401(k), 403b, 457, IRA, or SEP account into an eQRP® without incurring taxes or penalties.

No UBIT taxes

The eQRP® conforms to IRS rules and qualifies for special tax breaks. Unlike IRAs, there are no Unrelated Business Income Taxes with leveraged real estate.

Dedicated In-House VIP Support

We are a passionate, skilled and knowledgable team committed to your success. We will help you consolidate almost all of your retirement accounts, into one efficiently managed eQRP® account.

Are you frustrated because…

  • You’re unable to manage your retirement plan?
  • Earning less than 2% on your money?
  • Paying too much tax?
  • Your account is visible to the general public?

The eQRP® System is made for the best you

Save Thousands in
Taxes with an eQRP®

Unfortunately, most people have tied their entire retirement plan to Wall Street paper investments and pay hefty fees for someone else to manage their money.

An eQRP® investment gives people complete control over what they want to invest in without being subject to brokerage fees and taxes.

Avoid Unrelated Business Income Tax

People with real estate investments in any type of IRA risk paying tremendous UBIT taxes. For example, if you’re an investor in a real estate syndication that owns an apartment building, you’ll get hammered with a 37% tax on most of your profits when the apartment sells.

There is no freedom if you’re getting killed with tax. You need a way to get as close to zero tax as possible.

That’s what an eQRP® does.

What Our Members Are Saying

I’ve referred several of my clients to the eQRP company and I know they’ll be treated well and I don’t need to worry about any issues. They really are a partner in this business.


I love Damion and all the staff at the EQRP. They are always just a phone call away. They are professional and gracious, eager to help me with any/all of my concerns. Damion has met with me personally. He has graciously shared his expertise and showed an interest in helping me grow as an individual.

Donna Chicca

I’ve always been impressed with how serious the member services team takes their job. They truly want to provide the best service possible. The entire eQRP is dedicated and they are passionate about their individual contributions.

Joel Landon

The Member Services team over at eQRP is incredible! JP and the team are always open to answering any questions I have about the eQRP process, and they always make sure to explain the information in a way that’s easy to understand.

Nick Erebia

We appreciate the proactive styled partnership with the eQRP team. We did not receive this same level of teamwork from the big box 401K companies we had worked with previously. The eQRP team is very helpful when it comes to staying compliant with government regulations.

Scott & Heather

Although we have worked with several people at the company, the bulk of our time has been with Jennifer DeRamus. Along with assistance in several different areas, she has been very diligent and professional in helping us handle the unpleasant task of resolving issues with our soon-to-be former self-directed IRA custodian. Having this type of assistance, along with this amazing product offering, is what sets this company apart from all the others!

Tony & Catherine