Investing Is The New Saving

27th October 2023 | By Parker Pursell

In an era of soaring inflation, where does saving fit into your financial strategy?

Can simply stowing away money be enough when the value of every dollar shrinks daily?

The paradigm is shifting, and for those with a keen eye on their finances, investing is emerging as the potent answer to preserving wealth. Here’s why putting your money to work, rather than letting it rest, could be the future’s blueprint:

Guarding Your Purchasing Power:

Consider your money as a block of ice on a scorching day. Just as that ice melts in the sun, your hard-earned savings can erode in a hyper-inflationary climate. Each moment it’s left untouched, its purchasing power — its potential to secure goods and services — diminishes.

Investing is like stashing that ice in an insulated cooler. It offers your finances an opportunity not only to maintain its power but to potentially flourish.

Harnessing the Might of Compounding Returns:

Envision a snowball rolling down a slope, growing as it captures more snow. Your investments work in a similar fashion. Not only does the principal amount amplify, but the returns on that principal also magnify over time. When inflation’s bite is relentless (think the grizzly bear that mauled Di’Caprio in “The Revenant), mere saving won’t shield you.

The alchemy of compounding through investing can be your robust defense, possibly outstripping inflation and paving the path for a secure financial future.

Steering Through the Financial Waters:

Picturing the economy as an endless sea, savers resemble boats moored in place. Though they might relish the illusion of safety, they remain vulnerable to inflation’s surging tide that threatens to inundate them.

Embracing investing makes you a proficient mariner charting your course amidst the waves. Yes, the voyage isn’t without risks, but with some wisdom, you can tap into the winds, ride the currents, and propel forward with purpose.

Investing isn’t a passive reaction; it’s an assertive engagement in the financial realm.

The landscape of money and finances is ever-evolving. Old solutions might falter in addressing today’s conundrums. Therefore, pivot and tackle issues with fresh strategies to reap desired outcomes. Focus on levers within your grasp. Don’t fixate on things beyond your influence.

Engage with resources available to you and maximize their potential. Adaptability is the cornerstone in this fluctuating game of money and investing.

After all, while God is in control of it all, He did give us these supercomputers called a brain to use in the meantime.

Written by

Parker Pursell