Golden Surge: Navigating the Unprecedented Rise in Gold as 2023 Unfolds

10th December 2023 | By Taylor Huff

Just last week, Gold BLEW past it’s all-time high and absolutely crushed $2,100.

Yes, it has retreated a bit but still atop $2,000 as I write this article which is incredible. A five thousand-year-old asset still hitting highs in 2023, you have to respect its relevancy still today.

I’ve been sounding the alarm and sharing alerts this Fall because Damion and I saw this coming, here’s what’s brewing and what to expect as we move into 2024:

J. Powell at the Fed is getting stuck and there’s word he’ll be forced to lower rates sooner than he wanted to. HUGELY bullish for Gold.

The mideast mess (getting worse) has investors flocking to Gold to hedge.

Argentina’s new libertarian president, Milei, said no to BRICS, so Nigeria, a huge oil producer, is moving towards joining, adding GDP to the BRICS alliance. This move puts significant pressure on the US Dollar, further boosting the value of gold relative to the USD.

It’s like a perfect storm (remember the George Clooney movie?), but this is an opportunity for both you and us.

This is a surge into an unprecedented space similar to when gold moved from $35 to $800 in the late 70’s.

We see gold moving from $2,100 to past $5,000 over the next 24 months and silver heading to a range of between $60 to $110 per ounce.

This is a disaster for the dollar but a huge, probably once-in-a-generation, opportunity for you to take advantage of the global tide change.

With the eQRP, you can use your stored-up 401k/IRA funds and purchase PHYSICAL gold and silver and hold them in your hands. In my opinion, this should be part of everyone’s portfolio.

Written by

Taylor Huff