Why Dentists are
Moving to the eQRP®

The eQRP® is the only system in America that allows you to take complete control of
your retirement while reducing or altogether eliminating your taxes.

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Get your employees excited and retain them longer by offering the
same benefits.

With eQRP® Safe Harbor and personal plans, everyone can choose investments
outside of just stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Take Control of Your Dental Practice Retirement Plan!

With eQRP® retirement system benefits, practice owners get to improve their financial health, as well as that of their workers.

It’s a win-win proposition, where they get to help and retain employees while allowing them to do the following:

  • Fewer restrictions
  • Higher contribution limits
  • More investment choices
  • Consolidate the account and manage those funds more efficiently.

You and your employees will get to make the best choice for your retirement money. You’ll get to save and learn from the eQRP® community, leadership, and the people now on your financial team.

Benefits of an eQRP® For Dentists

You have the freedom to put your money where you want to invest. Here are some of the benefits of a Safe Harbor eQRP®:

No Custodians

Eliminate custodial or management fees because you are in charge of your investments.

Diversify Your Investments

Invest in real estate syndications, cryptocurrency, physical gold and silver, trust deeds and mortgage notes, commercial property, and many more options.

Checkbook Control

Easier and faster to invest and manage your money.

Line of Credit

You get a $50,000 line of credit against your assets. Access your cash on demand for any reason.

No UBIT Taxes

If you invest in real estate, the eQRP® conforms to IRS rules, so you pay no Unrelated Business Income Taxes with leveraged real estate.

ERISA Asset Protection

Protects your assets against bankruptcy or creditors who sue to get to your assets.

Tax-Free for Life

Use the Roth eQRP® to shelter and grow your investments for generations. You won’t pay tax on the gains you and your heirs make, effectively removing your family from the tax system.

Higher Employee Retention

Employees get excited when you empower them with the choice and control over their retirement investments.

Money-Back Guarantee

Rolling over your accounts can be a big step. We know how well an eQRP® works and don’t want you to hesitate, so we offer you a money-back guarantee.

Take advantage of tools and an eQRP® for an entire year. If you are unhappy with the control, the results, or the savings by the end of the year, we will refund you 100% of your money.

“I want you to know that I will stand behind this as the founder of the eQRP®. You’ve got my word that if you’re not happy, I’m not happy, and you’re not going to be out a dollar.”

Damion Lupo, Founder

What Our Clients Are Saying

I’ve referred several of my clients to the eQRP company and I know they’ll be treated well and I don’t need to worry about any issues. They really are a partner in this business.


I love Damion and all the staff at the EQRP. They are always just a phone call away. They are professional and gracious, eager to help me with any/all of my concerns. Damion has met with me personally. He has graciously shared his expertise and showed an interest in helping me grow as an individual.

Donna Chicca

I’ve always been impressed with how serious the member services team takes their job. They truly want to provide the best service possible. The entire eQRP is dedicated and they are passionate about their individual contributions.

Joel Landon

The Member Services team over at eQRP is incredible! JP and the team are always open to answering any questions I have about the eQRP process, and they always make sure to explain the information in a way that’s easy to understand.

Nick Erebia

We appreciate the proactive styled partnership with the eQRP team. We did not receive this same level of teamwork from the big box 401K companies we had worked with previously. The eQRP team is very helpful when it comes to staying compliant with government regulations.

Scott & Heather

Although we have worked with several people at the company, the bulk of our time has been with Jennifer DeRamus. Along with assistance in several different areas, she has been very diligent and professional in helping us handle the unpleasant task of resolving issues with our soon-to-be former self-directed IRA custodian. Having this type of assistance, along with this amazing product offering, is what sets this company apart from all the others!

Tony & Catherine

Are you concerned about…

How to pay less in taxes?

Retaining your dedicated and experienced staff?

Protecting everything you’ve built?

Investing in Real Estate, Gold, and Crypto?

Controlling your retirement?

Working until you’re too old to enjoy it?

Thousands of dentists can retire sooner because they took control and rolled over their 401(k) money into a Safe Harbor eQRP®. You can be one of them!

Thousands of dentists can retire sooner because they took control and rolled over their 401(k) money into a Safe Harbor eQRP®. You can be one of them!

What You Get

  • Fast, Simple, Easy set-up
  • Specialized expert advisory team to assist you every step of the way
  • Your retirement plan, designed specifically for you and your employees
  • The only retirement plan allows freedom, flexibility, and control over your money
  • Autonomy to choose the best investment options for your money

Take Back Control of Your Money & Your Future

You don’t have to get stuck with bad financial advice, stocks, or bonds. Diversify your portfolio like the elite and quit your dentistry practice in the next 5-7 years!

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“When you get into the eQRP program you get ownership on how you direct your funds.

Brett Binkley

“I have saved a tremendous amount in taxes. The company offers white glove treatment to the people that are eQRP members.”

Bill Coppedge