Scott & Heather

Scott & Heather

“Let me share with you why the eQRP option was an absolute game-changer for us. It gave us something that no other retirement plan could offer: complete control over our investable funds. With our traditional stock-based 401(k) that was laden with management fees, we felt limited in our investment choices. But eQRP changed the game by providing us with a plethora of investment vehicles to explore, opening up a world of possibilities for our retirement funds.

What truly sets eQRP apart is their proactive partnership approach. The team’s dedication to our success is evident in every interaction we’ve had. Unlike the impersonal experience we had with big box 401(k) companies in the past, eQRP goes above and beyond to ensure we receive the support and teamwork we deserve.

Whether it’s answering our questions, providing guidance on compliance with government regulations, or simply being there to listen, the eQRP team has been incredibly helpful every step of the way.

Choosing eQRP wasn’t just a financial decision; it was a decision to partner with a team that genuinely cares about our financial well-being. With eQRP, we have found the peace of mind knowing that we have the control, support, and guidance needed to navigate the complex landscape of retirement investing.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with such a remarkable team, and we highly recommend eQRP to anyone seeking a personalized, proactive, and empowering retirement plan solution.”

Scott & Heather

Natural Spine Inc. - Chiropractor & Office Director
Decorah, IA

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