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Join Us As We Shape A New Vision For a Happier Retirement
Future With Our Enhanced Qualified Retirement Plan

eQRP partners with those who share our passion for spreading life-transforming
retirement investing that pushes humanity forward. Becoming an eQRP partner can
be a hugely rewarding step for you and your business.

What Is The Partner Club?

eQRP members have an opportunity to be rewarded. It’s why we designed the Partner Club. A program designed to help you share your story with your audience, followers, friends, and family. It’s our way to help you help others break free from the financial shackles holding them back.

Why Are We Doing This?

We believe no one should have to pay for the ongoing support we provide our members if they’re helping us reach our goal of breaking a million financial shackles. eQRP provides a tremendous amount of value to those it reaches. There is a certain person that the eQRP is ideal for, and we’ll work together to identify them. Whether it’s a small business owner or someone recently unemployed, we’ll reach them and discuss the value eQRP offers.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining The eQRP Partner Club Program?

  • Joining the journey of breaking 1 million financial shackles.
  • Having an eQRP membership and never having to pay for your renewal.
  • As a thank you, we’ll send you gold.
  • Build trust with your community and become a leader in the self-directed retirement space.
  • Uncover new opportunities as you collaborate with the eQRP team one on one.

Waive Your Annual Fee in 4 Easy Steps



Connect with an eQRP team member and build a strategy


Share your story with your community and introduce the eQRP system


Send 3 referrals to eQRP


When your introductions become members, your annual fee is, waived for life!



What Does It Take To Become an eQRP Partner?
3 Key Things We Look For:

Motivated to Invest

We encourage our partners to invest and create passive income, buy real estate, or invest in gold and silver.

Retirement Fund Ready

Successful new members should have retirement funds either available now or soon to rollover over. For example; recently unemployed, change of jobs, or x.

Ready To Make Contributions

Depending on your specific circumstances, you have the flexibility to make tax-deferred or after-tax contributions, enabling you to align your contributions with your tax strategy.

See Yourself Partnering With eQRP?

We believe in the power of networks and spending time on nurturing high-quality relationships with our partners.

Which is why our Partner Club program is highly successful so that we can preserve a high-quality ecosystem of like-minded players that align with our values and our mission.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Book a time using the following link. Plan on a 15-30 min conversation with our team.

Schedule a Call

How do I know if my referrals have contacted you? 

You’ll receive a follow-up email from our team notifying you that we’ve made contact.

What are my next steps after I know eQRP reached out to my referral?

Please reach out to your referral and ask how the meeting went with our team. This is your chance to help add value.

Is there a limit on the number of people I refer?

There isn’t. In fact, the more you’re engaged, we’re more likely.

Is there a fee to join Partner Club?

There isn’t a fee to join. You only need to have a 15-30 meeting with our team to learn the ins and outs. We’ll strategize on how we can work together with this to be successful.

Where is the media kit I can share with my audience or friends?

Here is the link to download your media kit. The link will be something like /partner-club-media-kit

What does it mean by "share your story"?

Each of our members has a unique story about their eQRP journey. Whether you were looking to invest in a very important asset and unlocked additional capital with your eQRP or something else, your story will demonstrate the value eQRP provides those who join.

When asked about pricing, what should I tell my referral?

Feel free to share with them what you paid. It’s no secret that there is an initial investment. However, prices change over time. Your referral should know this and that we’ll discuss pricing in our first interaction with them.

Do I have to know all of the ins and outs of eQRP?

Absolutely not. Each member’s experience and investment strategy is unique. We’ll work hard to uncover their needs and build a strategy tailored for them. Your story and the value they hear from you when you share is very meaningful to them. It builds trust. Let us do the heavy lifting. Feel free to fall back on: “I know that eQRP will answer all of your questions”