Attention Dental Practitioners

Saving Your Retirement
Fund In A Traditional 401(K)?

Bad News: Your Money May Not Be Entirely Yours

Here’s why and what you should do instead

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Being a dentist is hard work. 
In every sense of the word.

It’s demanding, both mentally, and physically.

You’re sitting in one position every day doing very precise work….

Handling patients of all temperaments with each threatening to make you lose your cool.

Not to mention the countless health hazards you expose yourself to in the process

It’s safe to say you deserve every penny.
And at least, the pay is decent, right?

You make enough money to pretty much guarantee yourself a debt and worry-free retirement.

I mean…with the sheer size and volume of money you’re stashing in your 401(k), it’s only logical you retire with complete financial independence….right?

Not quite.

A few years ago, I became obsessed with understanding how a traditional 401(k) works.

My research led me down a mile-long rabbit hole that exposed a lot of questionable (albeit legal) financial policies surrounding traditional retirement accounts.

Here’s the (highly) abridged version of what I found:

Once you put your money into a traditional-style 401(k), you immediately lose control over what your money does.

What assets it’s invested in…

How it’s invested…


For All Intents And Purposes, Your Money Ceases To Be Yours.

It goes straight into Wall Street where they take risky bets. Your interests? An afterthought.

And just like the meltdown of 2008, if the economy implodes again, your money could go up in smoke.

Your sweat and labor…gone. Now you have to work for yet more years to make up for it.

When I finally realized how this whole outfit really worked, I knew there had to be a better way. 

A situation where you had much more control over your hard-earned dollars…

A retirement account where you have REAL control over what your money does…

Where you get to choose how your hard-earned cash is invested.
I was convinced a better option existed. There had to be a better option. The only question was… what was it?

The answer?

The Safe Harbor Enhanced Qualified Retirement Plan or eQRP for short

“eQRP team is invested in their client’s success”

There are numerous advantages to an eQRP versus a self-directed IRA. The big advantage that the eQRP Co. Has is that they run it for the long haul. If there are ever any issues or if I have questions, they are always available and very knowledgeable. The entire team is truly vested in their client’s success and this starts at the top with Damion Lupo. Numerous times when I’ve had to call or text him, he always gets back right away!

Chad Zdenek

“The eQRP system was our investment vehicle”

The eQRP option was by far the best solution for us, by ensuring we had complete control over our investable retirement funds. The eQRP system allowed us so many more ‘investment vehicles’ for our funds as compared to our stock-based 401k with management fees.

We appreciate the proactive styled partnership with the eQRP team. We did not receive this same level of teamwork from the big box 401K companies we had worked with previously. The eQRP team is very helpful when it comes to staying compliant with government regulations.

Scott and Heather

“Released our former self-directed IRA”

After reading the book, it was a no-brainer. Freedom of choice, flexibility in making those choices, and control over our financial future are just a few of the reasons we chose the eQRP. We have been VERY happy with our decision!

Although we have worked with several people at the company, the bulk of our time has been with Jennifer DeRamus. Along with assistance in several different areas, she has been very diligent and professional in helping us handle the unpleasant task of resolving issues with our soon-to-be former self-directed IRA custodian. Having this type of assistance, along with this amazing product offering, is what sets this company apart from all the others!

Tony and Catherine Bass

Here’s the difference between a Safe Harbor
eQRP and a traditional 401(k)

Traditional 401(k)

Eliminate custodial or management fees because you are in charge of your investments.

They keep you working all your life under the guise of investing in your “nest egg”... which can be shattered by the next economic crisis.

They give you very few investment options, (which are crumbs left by the elites), that don’t give you protection against market crashes.

Safe Harbor eQRP

You decide where and when to invest your hard-earned money

Your money is protected from economic whims

Invest in real estate, precious metals, and cryptocurrency - completely tax-free

With a Safe Harbor eQRP 

  • Your money, is protected from liability, and Wall Street vultures.
  • No hidden charges and 0 management fees.
  • You can invest in profitable real estate, completely tax-free

I call it the Gold Standard of retirement accounts.

I spent two-plus years researching how eQRPs work, and how regular dentists and dental practitioners like you can make your money work for you…

…Instead of leaving it all to the mercy of grubby Wall Street Investors with nothing but selfish profit on their minds.

I distilled this entire knowledge in my new book, which I’d love to give you for FREE

Allow me to Introduce…

In this Book, You’ll Discover: 

  • How to get complete control of your retirement money right now (and stop leaving it up to anybody else who may or may not have your best interest in mind).
  • How to diversify your investment portfolio (so you always have a plan A, B, and C to count on regardless of the state of the market).
  • How to set up Roth eQRPs for your children (and get a $30k tax deduction on each).
  • How to legally live tax-free for life (a Roth account is included in all eQRPs).

And so much more…

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“When you get into the eQRP program you get ownership on how you direct your funds.

Brett Binkley

“What I love about the eQRP team and Honey Badger Tribe is that when I hand them a client I fully trust they are taken care of for a lifetime.”

Dave Zook

With eQRP, you can easily achieve FIRE Financial independence and Retire early.

Because you’d be free from the shackles of those greedy regulators.

Even if you choose not to put down the handpiece for good, you can slow down comfortably…

Working 1, 2 or 3 days a week, doing it because you enjoy it not because you have to.

We both know dentistry is hard work, both physically and mentally.

You don’t have to spend your entire life working your back off, saving for retirement, and still end up short-changed by these greedy people.

However, you now have the chance to take back control, and actually secure your Future and your Today

Take A Peek Inside the eQRP Book for Dentists

  • Avoid the UDFI Tax Without Breaking A Sweat
    If you have a self-directed IRA, then you’re paying this—whether or not you realize it. But we’ll teach you how to avoid it, legally.
  • Take Your Money Back From Wall Street
    Discover how you can get your 401(k) and IRA money OUT of Wall Street and straight into your hands where it belongs.
  • Defer Tax Payments On Up to $100k+ Per Year
    We get it. The rich get out of paying for a lot if we’re being honest. So, why shouldn’t a “regular” person earn $100k or more? Learn elite tricks and use them yourself to even the playing field for once.

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Now, Fair Warning

I cannot guarantee that this book will stay free much longer. We only allocated a certain number of books to be given out for free.

When that stock runs out, we’d have to slap a price tag on further shipments. So act fast and get yours while it’s still free.

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