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“I’m excited to implement this into my life”

I was really surprised that the eQRP assessment showed a great improvement from before to after. I have some areas in my life that I’m very worried about and it alleviated a lot of my fears just seeing that in this short amount of time I’m already improving in those categories. I’m exc…

Dave Zook
Asset Investor
Atglen, PA

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“The eQRP system was our investment vehicle”

The eQRP option was by far the best solution for us, by ensuring we had complete control over our investable retirement funds. The eQRP system allowed us so many more ‘investment vehicles’ for our funds as compared to our stock-based 401k with management fees.

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Scott and Heather
Harkovich, Scottsdale, AZ

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“eQRP team is invested in their client’s success”

There are numerous advantages to an eQRP versus a self-directed IRA. The big advantage that the eQRP Co. Has is that they run it for the long haul. If there are ever any issues or if I have questions, they are always available and very knowledgeable. The entire team is truly vested in their client’s success and this starts at the top with Damion Lupo. Numerous times when I’ve had to call or text him, he always gets back right away!

Chad Zdenek
West Hills, CA

eQRP Member

“Released our former self-directed IRA”

After reading the book, it was a no-brainer. Freedom of choice, flexibility in making those choices, and control over our financial future are just a few of the reasons we chose the eQRP. We have been VERY happy with our decision!

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Tony and Catherine Bass
Frisco, TX

Who Qualifies For an eQRP?

Individuals or business organizations who want the freedom to invest their 401(k) retirement plan; including Shopify stores, dental practices, and consulting firms, just to name a few.

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